Treatment Intervention Inventory-Juvenile

Treatment Intervention Inventory – Juvenile

The Treatment Intervention Inventory-Juvenile (TII-Juvenile) evolved from the adult version, which is called the Treatment Intervention Inventory (TII). Changes were made in some scale item content, vocabulary (reading level) and some scoring methodology. Truthfulness Scale, English and Spanish versions and a cumulative database were added. The TII-Juvenile was standardized on juveniles 14 to 18 years of age.

The TII-Juvenile consists of 143-items and takes 25 minutes to complete. It has nine (9) scales (Domains).

The TII-Juvenile is designed for use in juvenile courts, juvenile probation departments, counseling and treatment programs. The TII-Juvenile was developed specifically for troubled youth assessment. Early problem identification facilitates timely intervention and treatment, which has been linked to better treatment outcome. TII-reports help when deciding upon type of treatment needed and matching level of care.

Two different ways to test with the TII-Juvenile: 1. Windows (3 1/2” diskettes) or USB flash drives (, or 2. Over the internet (

Whether TII-Juvenile tests are on diskettes, USB Flash drives, or provided online (over the internet), tests can be administered in paper-pencil format and then computer scored with reports scored and printed within 2 ½ minutes after data (answers) input. The TII-Juvenile is evidence based with impressive reliability, validity and accuracy.

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